Electrical Mechanisms: A Merger of Mechanisms and Electrical Machines

Gowthaman. B, Manujunath Prasad, and G. N. Srinivasa Prasanna

ABSTRACT: We present a synthesis of the areas of electrical machines and mechanisms, and present a new set of devices called electrical mechanisms (emecs). The key generalization is to make the electrical prime mover part of the mechanism itself, with geometry not restricted to being either cylindrical as in rotary motors, or linear as in linear motors. The geometry of the electromechanical interactions is dictated by the geometry of the mechanism itself, and interactions are potentially present at every joint. This geometry incorporates intelligence about the desired dynamical behavior of the system by incorporating appropriate internal electromagnetic forces to optimize the dynamics presented to the external world. The ideas can be used with either active excited coils or permanent magnets. These passive versions have become practical with the advent of high power rare earth magnets. Power levels are comparable to medium power pneumatics. These ideas are illustrated with a number of applications.

KEYWORDS: Mechanism Theory, Machines, Electromechanical Systems

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