Next Generation Propulsion System Architectures

M. Raghavan, N. Bucknor, J. Maguire, J. Hendrickson and T. Singh

ABSTRACT: This paper describes the creation of novel propulsion system architectures using algebraic design techniques. The objective is to create novel arrangements comprised of one or more planetary gear sets, an internal combustion engine, a pair of motor-generators and several torque-transmitting mechanisms (clutches and brakes). The algebraic design procedure represents the planetary gear sets, fixed interconnections, clutches/brakes, and motor-generator sets as algebraic constraints. Appropriate subsets of constraint equations are solved to identify viable propulsion system designs. We have used the above design approach to create several novel candidate multi-speed transmissions as well as electrically-variable transmission concepts.

KEYWORDS: Hybrids, Transmissions, Fuel Economy

full paper (pdf)