On the Anti-Loosening Property of Different Fasteners

S. Saha, S. Srimani, S. Hajra, A. Bhattacharya, and Santanu Das

ABSTRACT: Threaded fasteners are widely used for joining different mechanical parts temporarily due to its distinct advantages. However, screw threads have the problem of loosening under hostile vibrating conditions, which leads to decreasing of clamping force and finally failure of the system. To study the anti-loosening phenomenon of the threaded fasteners, a testing rig has been designed and fabricated where the clamping force can be continuously recorded under the application of accelerated known frequency vibration between two plates of nuts and bolt. In the present paper, the results obtained on the antiloosening property of a number of threaded fasteners are presented, discussed and the effective one is found out.

KEYWORDS: Threaded fasteners, Loosening, Anti-loosening Characteristics, Vibratory System, Accelerated test

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