Dynamic Modeling and Tracking Control of a Four Wheeled Nonholonomic Mobile Robot

Umesh Kumar and Nagarajan Sukavanam

ABSTRACT: This paper presents methodologies for kinematic/dynamic modeling and trajectory tracking for a four wheeled nonholonomic mobile robot. The vehicle with two front (steering) and two rear (driving) wheels is considered. The complete dynamic model of such a wheeled mobile robot is established using the Eulerís Lagrange equation and MATHEMATICA. Then a dynamical extension that makes possible the integration of a kinematic controller and a torque controller is presented .A combined kinematic/torque control law is developed using backstepping approach and asymptotic stability is guaranteed by Lyapunov theory. The mobile robot is modeled as a non holonomic system subject to pure rolling, no side slipping constraints. Simulation results are performed to illustrate the efficacy of the proposed control strategy.

KEYWORDS: Mobile Robot, Backstepping Control, Nonholonomic Systems, Trajectory Tracking, Lyapunov Stability.

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