Design of an Active Flapping Wing Mechansim and a Micro Aerial Vehicle using a single Rotary Actuator

Michael.A.A.Fenelon, Tomonari Furukawa

ABSTRACT: We present the design of an active flapping wing mechanism and a prototype micro aerial vehicle that generates four distinct flapping patterns. The mechanism, a modified slider-crank (MSC), operates using a single rotary actuator and generates active flapping and rotation of wings that are similar to the flight patterns of many flying creatures. The kinematics of the mechanism, flapping patterns, steering mechanisms and enhancements of the MSC mechanism were analyzed. The effectiveness of the mechanism has been demonstrated by developing a prototype of size 200mm x 200mm x 150mm and weighing 3.2grams with capability of constrained hover and forward flight using an external power supply.

KEYWORDS: Micro Aaerial Vehicle, Flapping Wing, Hover

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