Design, Analysis and Fabrication of a Microflexural AND Gate

Abhishek Modi, Himani Shah, C. Amarnath, P. S. Gandhi, S. G. Singh, and Ritu Rashmi

ABSTRACT: Binary logic devices constructed using moving mechanical components can be useful in harsh working environments such as strong electromagnetic fields, environments with high radiations and high temperatures where their electronic counterparts would fail. This paper demonstrates design and development of a novel micro-mechanical AND gate, using flexures to transmit motions and force. Use of flexures eliminates friction, backlash and wear, resulting in an increased operating life. Finite element method using ANSYS is used to analyze the design and obtain the stiffness and stress in the structure. An attempt has been made to fabricate the device using gray exposure of electron beams on SU-8.

KEYWORDS: Mechanical logic gates, Flexures, Finite Element Analysis, SU-8, Electron Beam Lithography

full paper (pdf)