A Topology-Optimized Large-Range Compliant X-Y Micro Stage

M.Dinesh and G.K.Ananthasuresh

ABSTRACT: In this paper, we present a systematically obtained novel design of a compliant X-Y micro-stage with a large range of motion. Topology optimization is used to design a compliant mechanism for desired workspace by maximizing the displacement amplification along the X and Y axes. Geometrically nonlinear finite element analysis is used to model the behavior of the compliant mechanism using a ground structure of frame elements. The optimum design is found to cover a range of 6.57 % of the entire manipulator size. The stage is fabricated using wire-cut electro discharge machining (EDM) of spring steel (ENJ42/AISI1080) and it is actuated using shape memory alloy (SMA) wires.

KEYWORDS: Micro Stage, Compliant mechanisms, Large Range, Wire-cut EDM, and SMA

full paper (pdf)