Caster, Camber and King Pin Inclination Measurement with the Help of Chaapa Yantra

S. R. Narvekar

ABSTRACT: Chaapa Yantra is one of the instrument that was used for the astronomical measurements in ancient India. This paper is to make use of this chaapa yantra to measure caster, camber and king pin inclination of a car.

Caster and king pin inclination are the inclinations provided to the king pin. King pin is located inside and attached to the axle of a car. Since king pin is not directly accessible, its angle cannot be measured directly. To measure these angles, the steering tires mounted on the vehicle are turned 30 degree left and 30 degree right about the vertical axis and its tilt is measured. With the help of this tilt caster and king pin inclination are calculated. Camber angle can be measured directly. This instrument is simple, reliable and a cheap substitute for the computerized type of very costly equipment.

KEYWORDS: Chaapa Yantra, Automotive application, Cheap, Reliable.

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