A Beacon-based Docking System for an Autonomous Mobile Robot

K. Varun Raj, Kiran Patil, D.V. Kaushik Kariappa and Amit Madhav Jakati

ABSTRACT: We propose an autonomous docking system for a mobile robot which helps the robot to dock at a specific location with a particular orientation. This system uses active IR beacons which transmit infrared signals all through out the workspace. The beacons are placed in such a way that the docking target forms the midpoint of the line joining the beacons. The robot is equipped with an Ultrasonic Range Meter (SRF05) and a set of infrared receivers. The robot, using all its sensors, detects the beacons and successfully reaches the docking-target with the required orientation. Several experiments are conducted and the results prove the efficacy of the docking system.

KEYWORDS: Beacon-based Docking System, IR Beacons, SRF05 Range Sensing, Triangulation, Automatic Charging.

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