Bond Graph Modeling of Planar Two Links Flexible Space Robot

P.M. Pathak, Amit Kumar, and N. Sukavanam

ABSTRACT: This paper presents a methodology to analyze dynamics of flexible space robot using bond graph. In case of space robots the position and orientation of the satellite main body may change when the manipulator moves. Motion of the space robots also induces vibrating motions in structurally flexible manipulators. Researchers working on terrestrial flexible robot arms principally have focused on issues such as dynamic modeling and vibration control. In the present work the nonlinear coupling of large rigid body motion and small elastic vibration of the flexible arms of space robot has been taken into consideration in the model.

Bond graphs are used to represent both rigid body and flexible dynamics of each link in a unified manner. The links are modeled as Rayleigh beams. An example of two DOF planer space robots is considered to illustrate the methodology. A planer robot is considered for illustration purpose as simple experiments are possible to validate the modeling and validate various control strategies.

KEYWORDS: Flexible space Roots, Bond Graphs, Dynamic Modeling, Control.

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