Isomorphism and Inversions of Kinematic Chains Up to 10-Links

Ali Hasan, R. A. Khan and Ashok Kumar Dargar

ABSTRACT: This paper presents a new method for the identification of inversions or the distinct mechanisms (DM) from a given kinematic chain (KC). The method is based on Weighted Physical Connectivity Matrix [WPCM] of the given KC. The two structural invariants namely sum of absolute characteristic polynomial coefficients [WPCMP_] and Maximum absolute value of characteristic polynomial coefficient [WPCMPmax] have been derived and used as the identification numbers of the kinematic chains. The basic aim of this work is to facilitate the designer at the conceptual stage of design to select the best mechanisms/kinematic chains for the required specific task.

KEYWORDS: Kinematic Chain, Inversion, Kinematic Pair, Weighted Physical Connectivity Matrix and Characteristic Polynomials

full paper (pdf)