Finite Element Analysis of Three Dimensional Medical Model Generated from CT Scan data

Ashish B. Deoghare and P.M.Padole

ABSTRACT: Computer Tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are the two most common techniques used to acquire detailed anatomical information in the field of medical imaging. Medical Practitioner requires skills and experience to co-relate these images for the correct diagnosis. Medical practitioner faces difficulty in accessing these images as it not platform independent, these images can be access only at platform where the scanner is attached. Hence, author has developed a program, which not only overcome these difficulty but also enhances the visualization of the CT scan images as well as facilitates to distinguish the soft tissues and bone tissues clearly thereby minimizing the ambiguity to tackle the problem during image guided surgery. Further it has been attempted to develop the actual computer aided 3 D model from the slices of CT scan images which can be analyzed by Finite Element Method to know the responses at various loading conditions. The resulted information will be helpful for the medical practitioner to suggest proper prevention and precaution to the patients. Actual physical model can be generated by Rapid prototyping technique. A precise actual physical model facilitates the pre-operative planning of an optimal surgical approach and enables selection of correct and appropriate implants. The integration of technologies such as medical imaging, Computer Aided modeling, RP and FEA is important in medical field to reduce the cost and risk to patients and strengthening the decision making capacity of medical practitioner.

KEYWORDS: Computer Tomography, Finite Element Analysis, Rapid Prototyping and Computer-aided modeling

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