Computer-aided Design of Asymmetric Gear

Vedang Singh and S. Senthilvelan

ABSTRACT: Gear design becomes inevitable for the development of any mechanical system and it necessitates considerable expertise. Due to the evolution of new materials and manufacturing processes, the utilization of asymmetric gears increases in recent years. Designers will be able to develop gear drives to handle larger torque with lesser noise and vibrations with the asymmetric profile. However the existing design procedure of symmetric gears does not holds good for these asymmetric gears. Hence by modifying tooth form factor, stress concentration factor, and load sharing factor, a MATLAB code has been developed for designing asymmetric spur gears. Pressure angle limits were initially arrived by considering the gear tooth peaking and law of gearing. With in the range of pressure angle values, the asymmetric gear teeth which experiences minimum bending and contact stresses for the given loading condition can be chosen. In addition with the known number of tooth, module, and pressure angles of driving and coast side, asymmetric gear tooth coordinates were obtained which can be directly used for actual gear manufacturing.

KEYWORDS: Asymmetric Gear Design and Expert System.

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